Abbi grew up in a little town called Ludlow, VT population 2000 where it was a 30 min drive to the nearest McDonalds. Her childhood was spent taping fictious radio shows into tape recorders, playing in the woods and occasionally making dog poo stew (don't ask). She was raised by her mother and father and has one brother that always seemed to make her look like she was the angel. She stalked her husband since 7th grade until he finally gave in and dated her summer (I will add the T&A of puberty may have helped with his decision) before senior year, they have been together ever since! The whole barrfariffic story prom king and queen…etc. They traveled for years following her husband’s career in the Marines. She was always obsessed with radio and with persistence and college courses in broadcasting it helped land her 1st job in Yuma, AZ. After years of traveling she decided to put down roots in Myrtle Beach and join the NextMedia Team.